winter solstice (an apology)

winter solstice (an apology)



I've a house of centuries ago

with a twenty-five thousand tile roof


commodities are from before the great war

progress in its roughest of moods


there's miracle current in copper wires

I turn the switch with some fear


piped water comes out of an outside tap

never failing and always clear


my stove burns as fine on bottled gas

as the best of city street lighting


and around me the night is midwinterly quiet

owned by rooks and crows and the rare roaming soul

large rambling trees stand pre-christianly naked

rochepeau creeps uphill to the belt of orion

of neolithic solstice-offerings they murmur

the streams, the daughters of daughters of streams


I would miss the point if I was at your party


(Nerèt, Le Berry fr., dec/jan 2002/03)

Published on  September 7th, 2016