the squid's song

the squid's song

I move in the opposite way one would think

a bag, a slow bag,

catching swift fish

I'm not fish. I have arms,

moving yonder

I'm a hunter, I am a predator beast,

specialist, strategist,

I'm a killer

with my arms grabbing out

for quarry

I crowd the waters in gothic shapes

I am, oh I are

many billions

arms in arms. we're all arms

in a life grip

I scare you in water, in dreams, in your food

wet fear, fear of depth,

fear of black ink,

fear of arms. arms, arms

I'm a creature

my taste is a longshot into your bowels

lasting on, hurting on

getting stronger

I'm not poison, I'm arms. arms arms

in guerilla

your fears swim like weird-moving squid in your mind, you

can't get them to

show in single

with all of their, my! arms; arms! arms!

wriggling in you.


Published on  September 7th, 2016