on dreams, no compromises

on dreams, no compromises

on dreams, no compromises


in a mountain resort

I was hiding in a tomb village

on the fifth day I fled


from my high post I watched

four-wheel drive movements

I was chased like

an amerindian with a flintgun

by the camping rules of aragon


I'd been an implant not catching at el burgo de osma

and at numerous medieval town centres

cathedrals and convents, treasure crypts

altar pieces and roman walls

all shiny restored

as they do grave monuments


and thus, in spain as anywhere

I'm a migrant without a tribe.

an empty tent, an ageing body

that's what they bring you, those words

of william de malfait:

on dreams, no compromises





(Alquezar, 20-03-2000).

Published on  April 11th, 2021